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When You Can't Wait Months To Hire, Rent-A-CMO!

"We don't have time to make more money".   Can you imagine the CEO of a company saying this?  Well, it happens every day. With staff cut to the bone in the economic downturn, companies leave money on the table every day.  Low hanging fruit falls to the ground and rots.  One CEO told us "it's criminal the opportunities that we don't take advantage of!"

"We need help but I don't have months to wait for someone to be hired!" 
Do you need immediate impact?  Someone that can come in within days of your request and immediately contribute positively to the bottom line?

"I can't afford a full-time CMO."  Rent-A-CMO allows you to have a part-time CMO.  20%, 40% - whatever your needs and budget allow.

That's where we come in at Rent-A-CMO.  We offer Interim Chief Marketing Officer services (full/part-time) as well as Marketing Consulting services.

We Adapt To Your Needs - Interim, Part-Time or Consulting

Whether your need is months, weeks, or days, Rent-A-CMO can accommodate you.  Whether it's 2 days a week for 6 months or 5 days a week for 3 months, Rent-A-CMO adapts to your needs, providing you with the expertise you need quickly.
  • Rent While You're Hiring - Interim CMO / Head of Marketing - If you've got an open job requisition, you've already determined the need.  As you may know (or are about to learn), it can take 3 - 6 months to find the right person, hire them, and have them start work.  During that period your company's productivity takes a hit.  With Rent-A-CMO, you can have positive impact to your bottom line while you're hiring.  Just ask Sam Taylor, the CEO of Oriental Trading, who utilized our services in early 2010 -
    "Rick came into the role and immediately identified opportunities for us to capture incremental revenue and profits.  He did a great job leading the Marketing and Creative teams to help them prioritize their efforts and become more productive and effective...  I give Rick my highest endorsement...  Rick will quickly add value to any organization he joins".
  • Part-Time CMO / Head of Marketing - Sometimes a company can't afford, or doesn't need, a full-time CMO.  Rent-A-CMO allows you to get the expertise of a CMO for a fraction of the cost.  Maybe you want a day a week, with the ability to add another day in a few months.  Or you have a young staff that needs an experienced marketer to guide them, but only part-time.  No problem!  We fit your needs. 
    • Recently, a young company approached us with a request for help, but had a very limited budget. We worked within their budget to provide them with Marketing expertise over a period of three months that met their budget requirements.

  • Marketing Consulting -  Need a business opportunity analyzed?  Looking to implement / change providers for a major service like email marketing, affiliate marketing, database/CRM?  Want someone to evaluate your Marketing efforts and recommend improvements?  Rent-A-CMO has demonstrated time and time again the ability to deliver on a client's expectations.  Rent-A-CMO has marketing consultants with the expertise that you need.  John Damrow, President of Bluestem Brands (formerly Fingerhut), utilized our services in 2004 and again in 2010, both times for three month engagements -

    "Rick has a solid skill set in devising and implementing strategies to drive sales in a direct marketing environment, both in catalog and ecommerce platforms.  Rick sees the bigger picture, capitalizing on the synergies of the marketing, merchandising, and creative organizations to drive to increases not only in sales but profitability.  A quick study, who can add immediate value". 

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