Interim CMO Services

"We need help but I don't have months to wait for someone to be hired!"  Do you need immediate impact?  Someone that can come in within days of your request and immediately contribute positively to the bottom line?
Is this your situation?
  • Your head of marketing just told you they are resigning, and gave two or three weeks notice.  You need to:
    • Write a job description
    • Hire a recruiting firm (or advertise the position)
    • Screen résumé's
    • Conduct phone interviews
    • Narrow the field to a few finalists
    • Bring them in for one or two rounds of interviews
    • Make an offer and negotiate
    • Pick a starting date

If you're lucky, this process will take 3 months.  If you're not lucky, it can take 6 months, or longer.  Sometimes close to a year. Or more.

In the meantime, while you have this opening, your Marketing Department is without leadership and your bottom line is likely to suffer.  And, you may start to lose Marketing Staff if they feel rudderless. When your new hire does arrive, he/she takes a month or more to come up to speed.

Whether your need is months, weeks, or days, Rent-A-CMO can accommodate you.  Whether it's 2 days a week for 6 months or 5 days a week for 3 months, Rent-A-CMO adapts to your needs, providing you with the expertise you need quickly. With Rent-A-CMO, you can have positive impact to your bottom line while you're hiring.  Just ask Sam Taylor, the CEO of Oriental Trading, who utilized our services in early 2010 -

"Rick came into the role and immediately identified opportunities for us to capture incremental revenue and profits.  He did a great job leading the Marketing and Creative teams to help them prioritize their efforts and become more productive and effective...  I give Rick my highest endorsement...  Rick will quickly add value to any organization he joins".
When we come into an interim assignment, we provide stablity and leadership to the Marketing organization. We keep things on track (or put them back on track), and pave the road for the new hire. On one assignment, the new SVP Marketing asked the CEO if he could retain our services for a longer period after the transition, because he valued our insight.

We handle everything that your permanent hire would.  Want to know more?  Contact us now! Click here, or send an email to Rick(at)rent-a-cmo(dot)com.

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