Referral Program
Do you know a company that could use our assistance? Our referral program will pay you a finder's fee for business that you refer to us and that is signed to a contract within 60 days of the referral (see details below).

Can't accept a referral fee? We'll gladly donate the fee to a charity of your choosing, in your name.

Don't want the fee - just want back scratching? No problem, best kind of referrals. We'll deposit your referral in our I.O.U. Bank for the future.  Many recruiters take this option to avoid a conflict of interest. 

Thank you in advance for your referral!


Referral program details:

The referral program exists to accept client referrals from people that know of a company's need for Marketing assistance, whether interim or consulting.  To be eligible for our referral program, the following conditions must be met:

  • Referral submitted to us through this referral link, or to referrals (at) rent-a-cmo (dot) com. Please do NOT send the referral in this email, just your contact info.  We will then respond to you for more information.  If you send unsolicited information to us, it will not be considered a valid referral. 
  • You (or your spouse/partner) cannot be employed by the company you refer us to, or connected to them via any arrangement.
  • You must provide us with Company Name, Contact Name, and a description of what the need is when we ask for that information..
  • We will confirm with you receipt of the referral and let you know whether it is eligible for the program.  Ineligible referrals may include current clients, companies that we are already in discussions with, etc.
  • We must sign a contract with the company that you identify within 60 calendar days from the day that we accept the referral from you.
  • Referrals are paid at the rate of 5 - 10% of the signed contract amount, and contract renewals or extensions are not included in the program.  For more details, contact us
  • The program is designed to pay referral fees to people submitting bona fide referrals.  Determining whether a referral qualifies, and whether a fee should be paid, is totally up to us and our discretion.  This does not constitute a legal binding contract with you - we simply will pay a fee (or donate it or create an I.O.U. for future back scratching) at our discretion. 
  • All referrals (except back scratching) will result in the creation of a 1099 to you, so you must supply to us the necessary information to file that form, and that information must be provided PRIOR TO any referral being paid.

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