We provide a wide array of services for B2C marketers. A list of some of those services appears below.

  • Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Head of Marketing duties (both full and part-time)
  • Design, implementation, and expansion of affiliate programs
  • Negotiation of revenue share deals for improved internet profits
  • Establishment of partnerships for catalog and internet
  • Email program creation and implementation including triggered email campaigns
  • Evaluation of all aspects of customer contact including look and feel of marketing efforts, telemarketing (inbound and outbound), package insert program, bouncebacks, packaging, billing and returns – recommendations for profit improvement, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction
  • Test structure and analysis for both direct mail and internet
  • Circulation evaluation and planning including customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation
  • Bringing a customer focus to the organization, creating an awareness of the customer in all areas, how it drives profit, including variables in the P&L
  • Analysis of contact strategy, design of cannibalization testing and analysis, for both direct mail and internet
  • All aspects of database marketing efforts including hygiene, merge/purge and reporting, evaluation of housefile composition
  • Marketing database design, re-design, & database build project management including RFP creation & bid analysis
  • Vendor selection and negotiation including list management, database marketing, merge/purge…
  • Focus group project management
  • Evaluation of paid search marketing efforts and recommendations for improvements to program
  • Review of website with recommendations for improvements
  • Lead creative idea generation sessions
  • Work with existing staff to assess and improve their direct marketing abilities
  • Management of PR efforts including national press releases

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